F4I Leadership persons

Introducing our Sixth Wave partner – Wouter de Heij MSc. (The Netherlands)

Wouter de Heij is co-founder and CEO of food and beverage innovation company TOP B.V., a company that is specialised in disruptive technologies and products. TOP has a large and leading R&D centre in the Food Valley, Wageningen, the Netherlands. Mr De Heij holds a Master of Science degree in chemical process engineering (TU-Delft) and is renowned worldwide as a keynote lecturer on the topic of health and technology (“The future of food”). His passion is the development and market introduction of new food processing technologies and innovative food products.

He attaches great importance to open innovation: the sharing of knowledge and ideas. Mr De Heij is a serial entrepreneur who has started several companies and acted as start-up CEO for new initiatives. These included protein vegetable producer Ojah, a pascalisation service production facility and a company with a patented novel cold pasteurization technology, Pulse Electric Field 2.0 (“PEF 2.0”) and the cold pressed initiative Naturalicious. Mr De Heij has a strong network within novel food processing institutes and research departments of universities.

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