About BOX N.V. – Blue Ocean XLerator (Wageningen, The Netherlands)

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BOX (Blue Ocean XLerator) is the new way of accelerating: innovative, high-quality and focused on entrepreneurship and creativity. BOX is open to startups, scale-ups and (informal) investors or investment funds with an eye for sustainability and impact.
BOX will provide startups with all the support they need to grow to scale-ups – ranging from in-house expertise and technical facilities to venture capital and accounting.

BOX has more than 17 years of experience in developing promising technological ideas into solid new businesses. BOX’ subsidiary companies TOP and TDI are expert R&D companies with a long and solid track record in assisting startups in bridging the valley of death.

Are you an investor looking for an attractive return with impact?

BOX offers individual or syndicated investors opportunities for co-funding sustainable and innovative investor-ready companies, while we have mitigated most business risks.


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