Our Investment Strategy

Based on a firm belief in the investment opportunities of the 6th wave, we will focus on investing in innovators in the areas of health, food and beverage as well as in research & development oriented companies creating IP and enabling software and technologies that fit the fund’s charter.

We scout and assess companies that have novel products or technologies in the wider area of health & wellness. Our focus will be on new areas with exponential acceleration potential and with products that may evolve from “niche to mainstream”. The main investment objective is appreciation of capital investments. The Sixth Wave has a global perspective on potential investment opportunities and the holding period of individual investments (until exit) will be in the range of three to five years.

The Sixth Wave may invest in listed companies and other funds, equity or equity related instruments and eventually use derivatives instruments for hedging or speculative purposes. The Sixth Wave may be concentrated on certain asset class/single instruments. These kinds of investments are judged to fit within the broader Sixth Wave scope and vision. The Sixth Wave has initially not been created with the purpose to invest in early stage start-ups although it may collaborate with companies and funds focussing on first-round investments.

Potential investments in companies will be assessed on several key characteristics, including:

  • strategic fit with the Sixth Wave strategy;
  • value creation potential of the company;
  • ability to increase the scale of the offering;
  • quality and track-record of key management.
  • niche market products that have the potential to grow to mainstream

No assurance can be given that our portfolio will achieve its investment objective. No assurance can be given that any of these investments will be profitable or that any investment selected by the Investment Manager will achieve its investment objectives.

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